1st RDI-MUPI Joint Action Plan Workshop Forum

Davao City (November 1-2, 2015) – In line with the on-going reform processes of the ARMM Administration, the Regional Darul Ifta’ has been institutionalized to sustain the moral recovery, peace, reconciliation and unification programs of the regional government. The Office of the Regional Darul Ifta’ shall serve as an advisory and conflict management body of the regional government for “rido” or feuds, thereby helping enhance the promotion and maintenance of peace and security in the region by mainstreaming and applying the Muslim personal laws and jurisprudence in the methods of conflict prevention, resolution and management.

To realize in some ways such lofty goal, the Regional Darul Ifta’ had take initiative in conducting the 1st RDI-MUPI Joint Action Plan Workshop Forum on December 1 – 2, 2015 at Sequoia Inn, Davao City. The purpose of this gathering is to strengthen the unity and solidarity of the ‘Ulama across the regions by way of forging the federated organization of ‘Ulama with concerted objective to attain peace and order and moral recovery of the Bangsamoro people. The participant ‘Ulama consulted to brainstorm on the strategies that help eliminate fanaticism, radicalism, terrorism and extremism which are now beginning to be adopted by the young generation of the Bangsamoro and also to utilize the masajid (mosques) as the catalyst centers of peace and development towards transforming the Muslim communities into a peaceful, productive and progressive society in the country. On the last day ( October 27) in the afternoon, the RDI Commissioners’ Meeting ensue to formulate resolution on the adoption of those feasible strategic interventions presented by the ‘Ulama and adopt appropriate policies for its effective implementation.

The 2-day RDI-MUPI Joint Action Plan Workshop Forum, have its fifty five(55) participants (20 senior ‘Ulama from ARMM equally distributed to 5 provinces and 20 senior ‘Ulama from the regions outside ARMM, 10 from RDI and BME Office and 5 guest participants). Then, in the last day gathering, RDI Commissioners together with other participants remain to formulate resolution and adopt policies.


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