3rd Annual Regional Qur’an Memorization Competition

COTABATO CITY –  The Holy Quran is a treasure of our knowledge and learning that man may need till end of time. All knowledge originates from the Holy Quran. This is the basic truth of Islamic doctrine of knowledge. We need to get out of the darkness of ignorance and move towards the limelight and bright future. The Holy Prophet (SAW) said,

“O people I am leaving behind among you the Holy Book (Quran) and the Sunnah (way of Prophet (SAW), if you follow these in letter and spirit you will never be strayed.” -(Hakim Al-Mustadrik, Book1 Hadith 318)

The Book of Allah is unlike any other; it is the timeless Speech of Allah, and not a created thing. It is the study guide for life, death, and what follows. Therefore, it deserves a far more careful study than anyone else’s speech. It necessitates that its reader return to the early narrations of those who witnessed its revelation and heard its explanation by the one deputed by Allah to rehearse and explain His Words to humanity, Muhammad (SAW) For if one would try to ponder over the meanings of the verses without having done this study, then surely the filth of the time that he lives in and his ignorance of the correct application and understanding that the early Muslims had would cause him to understand some things not intended by Allah, Most High, and therefore he would go astray, thinking to be worshipping Allah. So, let every sincere Muslim who hopes to earn Allah’s Love by reciting and reflecting over Allah’s Book hold tight to the meanings explained by the Prophet (SAW) and those taught by the Companions and their immediate followers, and the early scholars of Islam.

The Prophet (SAW) summarized this religion with his statement: “The religion (of Islam) is naseehah (offering sincere advice)!” Tameem bin Aws, may Allah be pleased with him, said: “We asked, ‘To whom?’” He (SAW) replied: “To Allah, His Book, His Messenger, the leaders of the people, and to their subjects.” [Muslim] The sincerity that is due to the Book of Allah includes its regular recitation, learning the rules of Tajweed (the recitation of the Quran, according to specified rules) and reciting it beautifully, learning about its Tafseer and the reasons for its revelation, affirming that it is the truth, the perfect Speech of Allah and not part of the creation, honoring it and defending it, abiding by the orders and prohibitions found in it, and teaching it and calling to it.

The Regional Darul Ifta’, as a religious institution in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, plays a great role in unifying the Bangsamoro people across the regions in one single federation, thru the Annual Qur’an Memorization Competition.  The event set to boost the moral recovery and advocate peaceful co-existence amid multiculturalism among the Bangsamoro towards attaining a sustainable peace and development of which the following of the teaching of the Holy Qur’an is an indispensable duty of Muslims for them to have a peaceful and a happy life both in this world and in the hereafter.

In the light of the present peace situation in Mindanao with the thriving popularity of the extremist and terrorist groups, it is significant that the Regional Darul Ifta’ conducts activities that will strengthen the faith of the Bangsamoro and corrects any misinterpretations of the teachings of the Qur’an that imparts extremism or terrorism which these extremist/terrorists’ groups use in capturing attention among the Bangsamoro. The extremist/terrorists have been using the teachings of the Qur’an to attract young Moro to join by twisting this interpretation and making it appeal as the real teachings of the Qur’an.

Many benefits could be mentioned, for example:

  1. Reciting the Holy Quran entitles you to be among the remembers, the obedient, the humble ones, the delivered, the jurisprudents, and not the unmindful.
  2. Whoever recites a verse from the Quran, ten good deeds will be written for him and ten bad deeds will be written off.
  3. Whoever recites the Quran only by looking at it and not by heart, will benefit from his eyes and will diminish the chastisement of his parents even if they are unbelievers.
  4. Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it, not reciting by heart, will torment Satan.
  5. Whoever recites the Quran by looking at it will not only enjoy the reward of recitation but also his looking at the Quran is a kind of worship. In this relation, Abu Tharr reports: “I heard the Messenger of Allah say: ‘Looking at Ali ibn Abi Talib is worship, as the looking kindly and mercifully at one’s parents is worship, and the looking at the Quran and the Ka’ba is also worship.”
  6. Reciting every chapter of the Quran, as mentioned in Usool al-Kafi, has special benefits such as being safeguarded against certain diseases and the torment of the grave. Increased sustenance, relieving of pain, happiness, reward of a martyr, forgiveness of sins, safety, and entering paradise are other benefits.

The Regional Darul Ifta’ is mandated to provide moral and spiritual leadership and guidance through continuing struggle (mujahadah) and transformation of the Bangsamoro Muslim community, and to steer them towards the realization of a “community of moderation” (Ummatan Wasatan) and “mercy to humankind” (Rahmatan Lil ‘Alameen)

The on-going Marawi siege has a major impact on the reputation of the Filipino Muslims in general. Perpetrators claiming it as a “Religion war” justifying the terroristic attacks and crime they have committed in the place and its residents. By promoting unity and solidarity among the Muslim scholars

  1. To read and understand the true meaning of the Qur’an and enhance the methodology of teaching and memorization of the Holy Qur’an
  2. To impart Qur’an memorization lessons and support Qur’an memorization societies and institutes morally and materially.
  3. To raise the standards of the teachers of the Holy Book and its learners.
  4. To promote moderation in Islam and correct misconceptions about Islam and to distribute IEC materials, and to dispatch scholars as peace advocates of Islam defying extremist and terroristic views about Islam and the teachings of the Holy Qur’an

The competition have Three (3) Categories, to wit:

                  Category A –           5 Juz Qur’an, 8-10 years old

                  Category B –            10 Juz Qur’an, 11-15 years old

                  Category C –           15 Juz Qur’an, 16-20 years old

Each province send its champions from the recently concluded Provincial Qur’an Memorization to the competition. The representatives from each province competed with each other with one declared Over-All Champion.

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