4th Quarter Regular En Banc Session of RDI Muftun

JOLO, SULU (December  08-10, 2018)A fatwā is an Islamic legal pronouncement, issued by an expert in religious law (mufti), pertaining to a specific issue, usually at the request of an individual or judge to resolve an issue where Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh), is unclear. Typically, such uncertainty arises as Muslim society works to address new issues – issues that develop as technology and society advance.

Regional Darul-Ifta’s mandate of promulgating and issuance of fatawa (legal opinions) pertaining to the whole breath of Islamic jurisprudence, from the ibadat to mu’ammalat (Ifta’) and establishing a system of unifying, standardizing, supporting and improving fatawa (legal opinions) and compiling khutabah, fatawa, and Islamic laws (Tadween). In formulating legal opinions, the Regional Darul Ifta’ shall consider the universally accepted methodology and the reality that the autonomous region is part of a larger secular republic.

Immediately after the Presiding Officer read all the agenda, Mufti Abirin raised the point of issue and opposition to the crafting of Position Paper because it would put them (Sulu Ulama) in a quagmire knowing that for a long time that this very people (governor), been an avid supporter of these ulama. It is also worth noting that it could mean antagonizing them blatantly to write a position paper in contrast to the petition they filed before the Supreme Court. He was also reminded that there was already a position paper written relative to the topic. The Deputy Mufti of Lanao seconded that we should consider the situation of the position of Sulu Mufti said that they belong to the place wherein its administration has been campaigning for a NO in the coming plebiscite. It doesn’t mean that they do not want to support YES but we have to understand them. We the Ulama in ARMM have one common goal which is to unite and not to counter each other’s sentiment that might lead to breakaway of some. ‘Alim Taib Panca thereby apologized that he was not aware that Sulu is a NO TO BOL. ‘Alim Amiloddin, added that it is almost agreed upon but he suggested that they visit the Office of the MILF in Darapanan to propose for the creation of BANGSAMORO ULAMA AGENDA. However, going to Darapanan should be OPTIONAL TO THE MUFTI. The Presiding Officer then decided that the group considered the position of Sulu Mufti.

For the second agenda which is to issue an advisory on Muslim women joining beauty pageant, the Deputy Mufti of Sulu, Shiekh Abdurahman Alhari, that what we can only do is to issue an opinion regarding pageant, be it haram or permissible, because we are not in a position to implement it. We should campaign and advocate it to the executive branch, in our case, to the mayor or governor. It would depend solely on the beliefs of these executives. He cited the Municipality of Jolo as an example, where the Mayor had already issued an Executive Order temporarily banning the conduct of any kinds of beauty pageant at least in the municipality of Jolo. Mufti of Lanao raised that it should be advocated in a Khutbah. He also cited that it is not good to see that our daughters are put on a float for display to public. The Presiding Officer then went to mentioned the time when he was still a fresh graduate, some time in 1983, that he wrote to a certain newspaper regarding the permissibility of the conduct of beauty pageant because it was already rampant then. It was then decided that they will advocate it in a khutbah as well as formulate fatwa after further research.

As for the celebration of Maulidun Nabi, they deferred to prolong the deliberation though it is widely known it is bid’ah, at least to us. The Presiding Officer then interjected that we might clash in opinion with other Ulama. The opinion per se is dependent on where and what school of thought they got their position regarding the matter.


1ST AGENDA: They agreed NOT to write and draft a POSITION PAPER.

2nd AGENDA: Advocate in a Khutbah as well as ISSUE FATWA.



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