ARMM People’s Day in Lanao

LANAO DEL SUR (December 15-18,2018) – The ARMM People’s Day is a monthly activity that serves as an opportunity for regional line agencies and offices to offer and render their front-line services to the people of ARMM. Agencies are using this platform as an exposure to actualize their objectives and goals in pursuit of an improved and effective service to people. [Source: BPI-ARMM]

As per instruction of the Regional Governor, ARMM HEART/HELPS conducted a ARMM People’s Day to deliver services to the people of Lanao to ensure that residents in have access to all the vital services and assistance from the ARMM government.

Provincial Darul-Ifta’ staff together with the Regional staff conducted Nasiha on Violent Extremism and Data Gathering (census) of Ulama, A’immah and Alimat by providing Forms to be filled-up with their important details. All validated forms will become members of the Muhtamarul-Ulama and Muhtamarul-A’immah. RDI will issue membership ID to validated Ulama, A’immah and Alimat.   RDI and PDI-Maguindanao distributed Malong, Kopya (Tu’b), Hijab, Hijri Calendars, and Brochures.

At the end of the ARMM People’s Day, RDI and PDI-Lanao was able to serve 120 beneficiaries in Municipality of Balindong, Tugaya; 120 beneficiaries in Municipality of Lumbatan, Lumbayanague, Sultan Dumalondong, Butig; 120 beneficiaries in Municipality of Ganassi, Bacolod Kalawi, Madalum, Madamba; 150 beneficiaries in Municipality of Pualas, Pagayawan, Calanogas. were served with Malong, Kopya (Tu’b), Hijab, Hijri Calendars, and Brochures including registration of Ulama, Imam and Alimat. A total of 510 beneficiaries were served.


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