ARMM People’s Day in the Province of Sulu

SULU (September 1-10, 2018) – ARMM-HEART accordingly had been to forty-eight municipalities of the other four provinces in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao before going to the province of Sulu to conduct People’s Day like that of the other provinces. While it is under the Office of the Regional Governor, ARMM-HEART successfully accomplished its mission of reaching their services to the masses as well as the underprivileged. They tapped other government agencies to bring their services downward and bring what they can bring related to that of the services of their offices.

Scheduling of People’s Day in the province had passed through a bumpy road because of the security issues. Convergence Team have been to a lot of meetings and coordination with other Local Government Units, for security assistance and its availability. During those meetings, personnel from ARMM-HEART always indicated that they will not let the LGU

September 1, 2018 Municipality of JoloPeople’s Day in the municipality of Jolo was held at the Jolo Municipal Gymnasium. RDI Personnel went to the venue before the scheduled time so as it can occupy a place comfortable and convenient to the target beneficiaries. During the distribution of Malong, Kopya and Hijab, it prioritized the Ulama, Alimat, and A’immah who will go there to register. Unfortunately, they went their without the required documents that’s why they end up just bringing home the forms and promised to submit it to us once they have the requirements. Because, the activity is set to wrap up before lunch time, and that we still have the goods left with us, we distributed it to those religious individuals whom we identify with their IDs affiliated to some madrasa in the municipality. During the first day, we served thirty-two individuals.

September 2, 2018 Municipalities of Talipao and Panglima EstinoEarly morning, we are already at the DPWH 1st Engineering Office Compound waiting for other convergence team to arrive because we will be leaving and joining a convoy to the venue. We left Jolo at exactly 7:30 a.m. just in time for the arrival of the medical team from the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Local Government of Talipao sent three service vehicles to the DPWH 1st Engineering District Office in case the prepared vehicle will not be enough to accommodate the convergence team and office personnel of agencies participating in the said Peolple’s Day.

September 4, 2018 Municipalities Luuk, Kalinggalan Caluang, Panamao Same as the two (2) previoujs clusters, we waited for the convoy at the DPWH 1st Engineering District Office obviously because the ARMM-HEART Personnel were billeted at their visitor’s quarters. It is always whenever there are visitors and distinguished personalities especially so from the Office of the Regional Governor and other agencies under.

Residents and beneficiaries there are well informed and educated of what are the services of the Convergence Team. They were like given a note that stated the list of agencies and their services. As for Darul Ifta’, it was mentioned that religious and Muslim attire are given everytime we visited municipalities or its clusters. One of the person we talked told us that their Barangay Captain informed and identify their needs so as they do not have to ask the secretariat on the whereabouts of the concerned agencies.

September 9, 2018 Municipality of Parang RDI-Sulu Team went to the Municipality of Parang ahead of the Convergence Team aboard a chartered vehicle because there are some a’immah/masajid who wanted to clarify about the purpose of Darul Ifta’ in data gathering re census of the a’immah and others. We went to talked with the president of the religious affairs of the municipality because when we made inventory of the same municipality, most of the imam in the masajid asked us if their president already know of our activity.

The Convergence Team arrived in the municipality’s Multi-Purpose which is located in Barangay Poblacion at around 8:30 in the morning. They were a little bit late because they waited for their security escorts according to some members of the team

September 10, 2018 Municipality of IndananIt is the only Local Government Unit in the province that ARMM-HEART conducted People’s Day prepared a short program. All of the head of agencies participated were made to seat oon the state and were requested to give short message as well as to announce the services that they are going to render.

The services started right after the short program. Many of the Barangay Captains and their a’immah would complain that almost all a’immah in the (gimba) do not have Islamic formal education that’s why they can’t show any credentials or requirements for the accreditation and membership to the Mu’tamarul A’immah.


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