Fourth: Misconceptions that should be corrected:

  1. Waging enmity and hatred which is brought by generalizing and labeling, and we give some examples on this, for instance:
    1. Salafism as terrorism ideology.
    2. The Masajid (Mosques) and Madaris (Islamic schools) source of terrorism.
    3. The Muslims are terrorists.
  2. Misunderstanding of Jihad terminology.
  3. The co-existence with the none Islamic government.
  4. Outraging against the leaders and not to work with them.
  5. Killing and kidnapping foreigners, suicide bomber thinking, that makes him enter Paradise.

While the suggestions to cure and heal the violence and radicalism, I would suggest as follow:

  1. Not to wage any case by generalizing and labeling, without proper research, just confirmation and verification.
  2. Allowing religious and sincere scholars to direct the people, and opening T.V channels for them. Besides, they should be the best and right sources between the leaders and the mass.
  3. Allowing government leaders to do their jobs and duties to counter excessiveness, radicalism and drugs in the societies.
  4. Forming dialogues and legal meetings, and there should be serious project to upgrade the ideology where there is excessiveness and radicalism. And there should be presentation where there is confusion to extract the problem and to cure it.
  5. Creating committees composed of specialists, physiologists, socialists, businessmen and journalists to cure the issue of excessiveness and widespread of the drugs in the societies through the serious study in the fields.
  6. Equipping spiritual emptiness within the youth, through:
    1. Activating the role of Madaris (Islamic Schools), Masajid (Mosques) and the registered centers for teaching of good deeds for the next generations.
    2. Conducting fora and cultural lectures, to educate the people appropriate attitude and should be done within the whole year.
    3. Teaching the youth various skills and effective sports, and it should be funded by the government.
  7. Reserving family care and encouraging mother to take care of her children in a proper manner.
  8. Calling the educational establishment to teach Islam in its proper image which calls to spread the concept tolerance, love, harmony, communicational dialogues with others, peaceful co-existence and welfare cooperation for common good.

And Allah knows best.