Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all that exist, Blessing and Peace be upon the trustworthy prophet, to his family and companions and those who follow them in performing good deeds until the day of resurrection. Then after that:

Due to many requests received by ARMM-Regional Darul Ifta of the Philippines to issue an Islamic Opinion on Drugs, the muftis of Darul Ifta conveyed their third en-banc meeting held in Cotabato city on 26/1/1437 H corresponding to 8/11/2015G.

The Committee on Review and Research met to review the researches presented and drafted the proposed fatwa, after a thorough study, review and deliberation the ARMM Regional Darul Ifta in the Philippines issued the following:


Is defined as all raw materials formulated or manufactured, its use leads to an imbalance in the functions of the central nervous system, both by falling, activation or hallucinations, which affects the mind and the senses, and causes addiction. (The Drugs by: Sami Bin Khalid al-Hamoud p. 3)

It was proven the harm caused by drugs on the mind and body as proven by ancient scholars and supported by modern medicine and field researches based on concrete evidences, it was decided in Islamic law that all things by which a man can damage his self or others is forbidden.

The following are evidences and proofs prove that drugs are prohibited:

  1. Allah (s.w.t.) said in the Holy Qur’an:” O you who believe! Intoxicants and games of chance and (sacrificing to) stones set up and (dividing by) arrows are only and uncleanness, the shaitan’s work; shun it therefore that you may be successful”. (Al-Madiah: 90).

Drug meet the reason for the prohibition of alcohol which is intoxication leads to mind lose thus making a person away from Allah’s mercy, hence, comprehends intoxicant ruling in Islamic law.

  1. Allah (s.w.t.) also said in the Holy Qur’an:” … do not throw yourselves into destruction and do good. Verily, Allah loves the good doers”. (Al-Baqarah: 195).

It is in the fundamental principles of Islam that a person shall take away from all that is harmful to human health, and it was proven that drug abusing leads to harmful effects physically, psychologically and socially.

  1. In a Hadith narrated by Umm Salamah, (may Allah be pleased with her) she said: “The Messenger of Allah (s.a.w) forbids all intoxicants and forgers” (Reported by Abu Dawood), all kinds of drugs are damaging the mind, the body and deadly.
  2. In a Hadith narrated by Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) she said: “Allah does not forbid wine for its name, but for its consequences; and all drinks that which has effect like a wine is prohibited as the prohibition of wine”. (Reported by Ad-Dar Qutni).
  3. Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “The hay made from grape leaves is also prohibited (Haraam), its user is lashes as the lashes of a wine drinker, it is most insidious than the wine on one hand it corrupts the mind and mood of a man until it make him androgynous and lose his masculinity and other kind of mischief.” (Al-Fatawa Al-Kubra of Ibn Taymiyyah 34/210).
  4. Imam San’aani said:” All intoxicants is prohibited even if it is not for drink like the hay.” (Subul as-Salam (4/53)

Based on the above reasons and explanations, the Regional Darul Ifta issued the following Fatwa:

  1. That any substance prove to be intoxicant, addictive or fade away the mind is considered prohibited as established by the Jurist scholars for the hay and other addictive drugs, thus depriving legitimately abuse of morphine, heroin, cocaine and shabu, which are all of the opium derivatives, as well as all chemical substances that manufactured or labeled whatever its kind as long as its essence is forging.
  2. The effects of drug abuse is destructive to man and society, it contradicts with the provisions of Islamic law and its rules; thus, its ruling is prohibited “Haraam”. Thus, drug abusing is prohibited whatever its forms by eating, drinking, smelling or injection because it is evil, and due to the drug abuse individual and social damages, and above all that is sinful and disobedience to the Almighty Allah.
  3. The selling, buying, trafficking, smuggling, marketing and profiting from drugs is prohibited as the prohibition of taking it. All that leads to prohibited act is prohibited also.

Allah knows best and wisest, and may He bless our Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w.) and his family and companions.

Signed by Darul Ifta members in Zamboanga City on 29/12/2015.

Darul Ifta Members:

Dr. Aboulkhair S. Tarason
Presiding Mufti

Sharif Jul Asiri J. Abirin

Abdulgani A. Alawi

Morad T. Amanoddin

Samsodin M. Dimaporo