Orientation Workshop Cum Validation, Monitoring of Masajid, A’Immah & Ulama in ARMM: MOBILE DATA COLLECTION

DAVAO CITY (December 18-20, 2017) –  One of the major mandates of the Regional Darul Ifta’- ARMM is to establish collaboration and linkage with the Masajid (mosques), its A’immah (Muslim religious leaders) and Ulama’ (Muslim learned scholars) with a view to forge unity, solidarity and harmony among themselves so as to attain sustainable peace and order and development of the Bangsamoro communities specially within the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). ARMM provinces are known to be prone to armed conflicts, kidnappings, piracy, etc. The Ulama and A’immah are the primary catalysts in developing behavioural transformation of the constituents towards piety and goodness considering their moral and spiritual excellence and personal credence. RDI-ARMM is taking initiative in creating intervention by utilizing and activating the socio-religious services of the Ulama’ and A’immah in using the Masajid (mosques) as the centers of peace and development of the Bangsamoro communities.

In 2015, the Regional Darul-Ifta’ conducted its inventory of all Masajid, its A’immah and Ulama covering areas of the ARMM through the Provincial staff of the agency. During the encoding, the results were immensely different from what was seen in the area; take for example in the case of Lanao were the number of Masajid gathered was way below the actual numbers built in the area. Then, there are reported ghost Masjid in the area of Maguindanao during the “Adopt a Masjid” program of the ARMM. All these has yet to be validated, verified and monitored as to the veracity of the forms gathered and encoded.

During the on-going Marawi siege, the Regional Governor requested for the information regarding the data on Madrasah, Masajid, A’immah and Ulama of Lanao.  Since, the agency has yet to conduct validation of the information gathered, he then instructed the Records Division of the ORG to help the IT staff of RDI to clean the data and filter double-entry names encoded in the data bank.

As per instruction of the Regional Governor during the Local Fund budget hearing, that the validation, verification and monitoring will be implemented in partnership and collaboration with the Department of Interior and Local Government of ARMM which will be conducted at the Barangay level with the cooperation of the BLGUs.

The necessity to conduct validation, verification and monitoring of the Masajid, its A’immah and Ulama’ of all provinces within ARMM is very timely with the ARMM government’s program to promote religious moderation and moral recovery and transformation of 600 barangays of ARMM through religious activities such as unified Khutba in Masajids, Muhadara, Da’wah and Nasiha.

It is important to establish and strengthen cooperation and collaboration of A’immah and Ulama to utilize the Masajid and Madrasah as the catalyst centers of peace and development towards attaining the general welfare and progress of the ARMM constituents in particular and Bangsamoro in general.

The inventory, validation, verification and monitoring program will be implemented for the whole period of the months of August to December 2017 until 2018. Its end products shall be made as bases in preparation for the incoming ARMM Ulama’ and A’immah Congress and as database for informative and statistical references. To realize this special research program, a sufficient and appropriate budget shall be allocated according to the budgetary requirements of the program and subject to the availability of local funds intended for the RDI programs.

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