Provincial Ulama Assembly of Maguindanao

GENERAL SANTOS CITY – The RDI-ARMM conducted a meeting held at Greenleaf Hotel, Gensan on 21-23 November 2017. The aim of the meeting is to form the members of the Provincial Ulama Assembly of Province of Maguindanao to select the provincial mufti and deputy mufti in the said province.

The Provincial Ulama Assembly of Maguindanao started with the reading of the verse from Qur’an by Ustadz Abdulnasser Mamintal. Alim Abdulmuhmin Mujahid gave the Opening Remarks that the Ulama can participate in the convergence of the peace processes and support in the peaceful means of resolving social issues in the Bangsamoro. The Ulama are not only limited to giving opening du’a but Ulama must have the part in harnessing peace, advocating development and promotion of moderation in religion. He said that the voice and opinion of the Ulama must be heard and recognized. He also said that it is important that the Regional Darul-Ifta will be able to select qualified Ulama to be the Mufti and Deputy Mufti in Maguindanao as a sign of unity and solidarity amongst Ulama. This Regional Darul-Ifta’ is for all the Ulama.

After Alim Mujahid, Usec. Alzad Sattar, Under Secretary of Madaris Education in DepEd-ARMM gave the Rationale of the Program. USec. Sattar recounts that he was instructed by Regional Governor Mujiv S. Hataman to study the mandates of BME-ARMM and the situation of Madrasah system as a whole. He said that the people’s perspective of ARMM before is very negative. With that marching order, he identified three (3) major observations with regards to Madrasah curriculum such as the traditional weekend Madrasah is 100% Arabic curriculum, Integrated Madrasah of Pilot has a 50/50% curriculum and the ALIVE Program has 10% curriculum with only 2 subjects. The Regional Governor asked him on how ARMM can help the Madrasah system.  USec. Sattar said that it is important to strengthen Alive program, Integrated Madrasah and especially to help the purely Arabic Traditional Weekend by crafting a unified standard curriculum. Further, he said that the BME-ARMM has come up with the Unified Standard Madrasah Curriculum with Textbooks that will be implemented this school opening. Second, is the institutionalization of the Ulama in the ARMM through the creation of a Jurisconsult which is the Regional Darul-Ifta’ under RA 9054. The Ulama should be the partner of the Bangsamoro in the pursuit to peace.

After the Rationale of USec. Sattar, he was followed by Sheikh Esmail Ebrahim to facilitate the workshop.  He narrates that the two (2) offices of the RDI and BME become the basis for the religious sector to engage, be aware and functional in their community. He said that he was instructed by the Chairman of MILF, Al-Hajj Murad Ebrahim to unite RDI-ARMM and the Bangsamoro Darul-Ifta be one and unify in the pursuit of peace.  He said that the participation of the Ulama in the peace talks is very important.

Before the selection of the Mufti and Deputy Mufti, the Ulama had a workshop to get their idea on how they can contribute in the spiritual upliftment, peace & security, education, socio-economic and political.  The Ulama were grouped into five (5) and were tasked to answer the specific questions. Each group were aside with one subject  After which, he presented and explained the questions for the workshop.

Reports of Workshop of the Ulama (Raw Data):

Group (1)

How can we participate in spiritual development?

  1. The development of religious spirituality in children, youth, mothers, fathers, professionals, and employees in all different offices.
  2. Strengthening their works as based on strong faith and good deeds (amal salih) in doing all fundamentals of Islam religiously, morally, socially, economically and politically.
  3. Supplying Islamic books in all government offices, holding Islamic seminars in all offices which will be attended by all employees therein.
  4. Holding Islamic competitions to uplift the spiritual aspics of the employees during camping.


Group members:

  1. Sheikh Jafaar Ali
  2. Alim Abdulshocur Macabangen
  3. Alim Mohammadzaiton Abdulgafar
  4.  Ustadh Abdulnaser Mamintal
  5. Ustadh Alimudin Payatuk
  6. Ustadh Ismael Sulaiman
  7. Ustadh Mustafa Aliman
  8. Ustadh Abdulsamad Jmaluddin
  9. Ustadh Nasrulyaken Pagayokan
Group (2)

Role of the Ulama in Peace and Security

  1. There must be an Ulama who supervise the affairs of the foreign students.
  2. The Ulama sector must be united, cooperate, and coordinate in their activities, concepts and stands.
  3. They must give their allegiance to the leadership of Darul Ifta.
  4. Every agency of the government shall employ a consultant Alim.
  5. The Ulama sector must be given employment by the government.



  1. Abdulwahab
  2. Badrudin
  3. Mokhalidin
  4. Shahabudin
  5. Khayrunisa
  6. Qhadafy
  7. Samsudin
  8. Anwar
  9. Abdulsalam
  10. Bai Halimah

Role of the Ulama in development of education

  1. Unifying of the curriculum
  2. Strengthening of the Ulama physically and spiritually.
  3. Enrichment of the standard of Islamic education.
  4. Renewal of program of special education for young Muslims in public and private schools.
  5. Holding of Islamic seminar for Muslim women.
  6. Training of Duat, Imams, and khutaba for effective dialogue.
  7. Dissemination of dangers of extremism and terrorism for Muslim youth.


Head of Group

Alim Salih Musa


  1. Abu Hamzah Abdullah
  2. Mustafa Dulqarnain
  3. Bajunaid Ibrahim
  4. Abdulmuti Sulaiman
  5. Hashim Macapudi
  6. Mustafa Mudin
  7. Muhammad Nasif Abdulhamid
  8. Abdulqadir Balabaran
Group (4)

Role of the Ulama in socio-economic reform:

  1. The Bangsamoro should be aware of the mechanisms of the socio-economic of the people.
  2. Changing of old mechanism by new one.
  3. Establishment of socio-economic institutions in the Bangsamoro.
  4. Utilization of various techniques and ways that make socio-economic effective and functional.
  5. Deep understanding, sincere belief, and strong attachment between Allah and his servants, in accordance with the verse of the Qur’an:

If the dwellers of the township (Makkah) have believed, we will surely open to them the barakah from the heaven and the earth.


Group members:

  1. Umar Mamukan
  2. Ibrahim Asim
  3. Mohammad Siraj Abdulatif
  4. Kairoden Jalon
  5. Yusuf Ismael
  6. Abdulmajeed Salih
  7. Salih Dalid
  8. Mudir
  9. Muslimin Abdullah
Group (5)

The role of the Ulama in politics:

  1. The Islamic politics shall appoint a Muslim leader.  The Islamic concept of governance must be established in the Muslim territories.
  2. The leader must be taqi (divot Muslim), he fairs Allah and does all good deeds and forbids what is wrong.
  3. He must be just, truthful, trustworthy, strong, and brave.
  4. He must be kind towards poor and riches alike.
  5. He must have mutual understanding with his people.
  6. He can solve amicably the external and internal conflicts among his people.


Role of the Ulama in the field of politics.

  1. Strengthening the relationship between Ulama and leaders.
  2. Appointment of Ulama consultants in all offices of the government.
  3. They will have position or chair in the field of religion.
  4. The will receive salary in monthly bases.
  5. The governor shall appoint an Ulama representative to his governance.


Group Members:

  1. Abdulamawla Musa
  2. Ibrahim Pagayaw
  3. Abdulnaser Ladtudan
  4. Badrudin Zamura
  5. Lahmudin Hashim
  6. Qardawi Sangkopan
  7. Muntasir Daud
  8. Juhud Abid
  9. Abdulnaser Abdulhamid

In the afternoon, USec. Alzad Sattar  said that the approval of the IRR on March 6, 2017 leads to this assembly to select the qualified of the Mufti and Deputy Mufti. He then presented the guideline for the selection process including the qualification, duties and functions. He also presented why there is a need for the creation of a Council of Elders (Provincial Darul-Ifta’ Assembly).

Sheikh Esmael Ebrahim explained that those nominated must possess the minimum qualifications of a Mufti / Deputy Mufti. One cannot nominate himself. Then, Usec Sattar opened the floor for the nomination of the 15-member Council of Elders with two (2) ex-officio members from the Alimat and young Ulama.

Out of 53 Ulama, 13 were nominated and were chosen to be members of the Council of Elders (Provincial Darul-Ifta’ Assembly) with two (2) ex-officio members. The Council of Elders shall choose from among them who are courageous, qualified and willing to be the Mufti and Deputy Mufti of the province. The most numbers of votes shall be the Provincial Mufti and the second most number of votes shall be the Deputy Mufti.

Winning with six (6) votes, Sheikh Jaafar Ali was selected as the new Mufti of Maguindanao. While, Sheikh Samsoden Dimaporo was unanimously chosen to be the Deputy Mufti.

Permanent Members of the Ulama Elders Council of Province of Maguindanao


                                    Name                                                  Municipality

  • Alim Mohammadzaiton Abdulgafar                         Shariff Aguak
  • Sheikh Jaafar M. Ali                                                     Datu Blah Sinsuat
  • Alim Samsoden Dimaporo                                          Matanog
  • Alim Abdulwahab Pairat                                             Sultan Mastura
  • Alim Salih Musa                                                            Datu Piang
  • Alim Abdulnasser Abdulhamid                                  Buldon
  • Alim Bajunaid Ebrahim                                              Sultan Kudarat
  • Alim Badroden Zamura                                               Mamasapano
  • Alim Abdulmaguid Salic                                              Parang
  • Alim Badroden Zilon                                                    Barira
  • Alim Mokaliden Alabat                                                Upi
  • Ustadz Montaser Daud                                                Datu Odin Sinsuat
  • Alim Abdulmawla Tula                                                Datu Paglas
  • Alim Qadafi Sangkopan                                               Young Ulama rep. (ex-officio)
  • Alimah Khaironisa Balasaingud                                 Alimat representative (ex-officio)

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