Teambuilding: Together we can make the Dream Work

DAVAO CITY (September 20-21, 2018) – RDI’s existence gives direction and boost to good governance in ARMM.  It will also serve as consultant to the regional government of the ARMM and the Regional Legislative Assembly on matters pertaining to Islamic laws, jurisprudence and ecclesiastical matters, the “religious guide” of ARMM leaders, bureaucrats and professionals, including those in the local government units.

The conduct of this teambuilding will give direction to the employees as to their functions and responsibilities in the agency and ensure the sustainability of RDI in promoting collaboration and good governance as it is of equal importance that officers and staff of the agency are one in their vision, mission and core values to achieve the very objective of the existence of the Regional Darul Ifta’. A solid and unified RDI team is foundational to the success of organization.

Day 1: September 20, 2018

The employees of the Regional Darul-Ifta’ arrived in the morning from the five (5) provinces of ARMM including the Regional Management Office staff, Resource Speakers and Facilitators.

In the afternoon, the RDI Chairman, Dr. Aboulkhair S. Tarason delivered his Opening Message. Then the secretariat introduced the speaker on Understanding the Bangsamoro Organic Law by Atty. Lanang Ali, Chief Legal Officer of the BTC.  He presented the salient provisions of the Organic Law is needed to encourage appreciation and gain support amongst the religious sector for the January 2019 plebiscite.

The secretariat opened the floor for an open forum on the BOL wherein the question on what will be the role of the Ulama in the new Bangsamoro Government. Atty. Lanang Ali answered the question in accordance with provisions on the BOL on creating a Jurisconsult office and Sharia provisions.

Day 2: September 21

The session started with an opening Du’a by Mufti Amiloddin Sharief of Lanao.

The secretariat headed the 1st part of the Teambuilding wherein the employees are requested to speak about what they feel about working with RDI and their best experience working with RDI. 

Mr. Remark Motalla facilitated the leveling of expectations on the Teambuilding Activity. Then, Mr. Reynaldo Garote defined the meaning of teambuilding. He said that teambuilding activity is a ground to improve communication and interpersonal relationship among each RDI employees. The commitment to serve and spread the teachings of Islam through good governance and accountability is what this agency stands for.  As a whole, the Regional Darul-Ifta’ heads and employees were able to settle work differences and grievances. All employees open-up as to how they can contribute in the success of the agency’s implementation of its mandates.

It is an established fact that adults learn best by doing. Promote the value and benefits of teamwork and cooperation among RDI employees and provide basic understanding and principles needed for effective teamwork among employees. It also provided first-hand information and understanding of the newly approved Bangsamoro Organic Law that will replace ARMM.

At the end of the session, the employees identify and utilize the strengths of team members with the commitment to improve team productivity for a sustainable Regional Darul Ifta’ especially with the coming transition due to the approval of the Bangsamoro Organic Law.

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