Davao City – The RDI Commissioners are composed of 5 Muftun and the Executive Director collectively empowered to formulate and adopt policies, rules and regulations, and decision making for the effective operation and management of their official functions and duties. As unanimously approved by the RDI Commissioners, the regular meeting shall be held monthly purposely to identify important issues for Fatwa formulation and approve Fatwa and other matters.

In furtherance thereof, the Regional Darul Ifta’- ARMM conducted the En Banc Regular Session of RDI Commissioners for two (2) days on March 21-22, 2016 at Watefront Insular Hotel, Lanang , Davao City. The purpose of this meeting was to identify prioritized issues for Fatwa formulation and develop policy, procedures for effective operation of RDI and strategized program of activities in preparation for the forthcoming Regional Masajid Conference in March 2016 and to consult the Ulama’ on the contemporary issues and concerns that directly and indirectly affect the affairs of the Bangsamoro and their communities.

This meeting was two (2) day affair activity conducted and facilitated by the Staff of RDI-ARMM in coordination with the BME Staff. The activity included the proper consultation of the Ulama with relevant lectures from the resource speakers there were conducted on the 1st day and at the last day the En Banc Session of RDI Commissioners with presentation of previous minutes of meeting and incoming activities for the 1st Quarter of 2016 based on Physical and Financial Plan. The formal session was held in the afternoon for identification and prioritization of Fatwa issues and discussion of other matters.

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